12 Brilliant Garden Room Bar Ideas

Garden rooms are great for making the most of your outdoor space. Home bars are great for winding down, hanging out with friends and entertaining guests. Therefore, these two are a match made in heaven.

Get it right and your garden room bar could become the destination spot and most-used part of your house. These brilliant garden room bar ideas can make that happen. They are all practical and inspiring. So, we can’t wait to get started. Here are 12 of our favourite garden room bar ideas.

Continue the Aesthetics and Theme of Your Garden

Artists are not the only people who understand the power of aesthetic and thematic unity. Savvy interior designers, homeowners and gardeners do, too. So, here is our first garden room bar idea- continue the aesthetics and visual theme of your garden, outdoor space or entire property.

Let your garden room bar's building material, colours, furniture and accessories align with that aesthetic and theme. This will allow your garden room bar to fit in effortlessly with the rest of the property. Aesthetic and thematic unity are powerful design elements. So, if you aren’t using them, you are missing out. 

Try Cosy and Informal

Formal bar furniture and colours are not always appropriate. Sometimes, they are boring and stiff. They also don’t always create the comfy, relaxing feeling we all want in a home bar. That’s why this garden room bar idea is so perfect.

Forgo stiff traditional bar tables, stools and colours. Go for comfy, cosy, fluffy and colourful furniture instead. Paint your garden room bar with fun colours, and furnish it with comfy sofas, armchairs, rugs and throw pillows. You can even add a fire pit or water feature to serve as a focal point and add that extra touch of serenity.

Don’t Underestimate the Evergreen Appeal of Poseur Table and Stools

The intention behind the previous garden room bar idea wasn’t to disparage formal bar furniture. We just wanted to show you that there are other options. Hopefully, we succeeded. Now, permit us to do a 180. We want to sing the praises of formal bar furniture pieces.

The “poseur table and stool combo” allows you to break seating areas into small, intimate groups. It also allows you to maximise space and make it easy for people to move around the garden room. 

That’s why poseur tables and stools are staples of pubs. You can’t go wrong with them. So, never underestimate their appeal and value. Besides, you can combine them with informal and cosy furniture to striking effect. 

Tropical Style

Here is another garden room bar idea that lets you create a comfortable and relaxing space. Actually, this idea is arguably more powerful. It makes your garden feel like a laid-back holiday spot, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So, dive in. Channel tropical aesthetics to build, furnish and accessorise your garden room bar. You can start by using rattan, bamboo, woven and thatched materials as building materials for the garden room and bar furniture. Then, buy bar accessories that continue this tropical style.

There are lots of options online. Just search for “tiki bar accessories.” You may even find complete tiki bar sets with tables, chairs and more. Finally, complete the look with potted tropical flowers and trees.

Foldable Bar

Foldable bars are a smart way to maximise space. They are the perfect solution for people who want a multifunctional space or don’t have enough room. You can simply set up and collapse your bar at will.

The best thing about this garden room bar idea is that you can order a complete foldable bar set online. The set will include a bar table, storage shelves and a couple of chairs or stools. You can even take this idea further by filling the entire garden room bar with collapsible furniture only.

Wall-mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are another smart way to save space. They are also great for putting your drinks and glassware on display. Just confirm that the walls of your garden room can take the weight.

Most bar sets come with storage space. However, this is still a superb garden room bar idea because bars need lots of storage space. So, you can get wall-mounted shelves for additional storage. They can house drinks, glassware, garnishes, food items, cooking wares and utensils. 

Use Corners Strategically

Corners are another brilliant way to maximise space and create intimate spots. So, consider setting up your bar or seating area in corners. You can buy furniture specifically for this. Corner sofas and some bar sets are designed specifically for this. You will have a lot of fun with this garden room bar idea.

Add a Cooking Area

Bars and parties need food, too. So, why don’t you include a cooking area in your garden room bar? Your guests are going to love you for it. This garden bar ideal will result in many fun hangouts and parties with family and friends. It will also save you the trouble of cooking elsewhere or moving the party.

You don’t need to do anything complicated. A simple grill or oven is enough. A worktop, sink and running water will be necessary, too. Water supply is crucial even if you don’t intend to add a cooking area. Every bar needs a reliable water source. 

Make Room for Games and Fun

Public bars have spaces for fun and games. Why shouldn’t your garden bar have the same features? Options include arcades and video games. The TV or monitor can also double as a regular television and cinema screen.

However, you can always get a bigger screen and good surround sound to create a fantastic cinema experience. Projectors are also in vogue at the moment. Other options for garden room bar gases are ping pong, darts and snooker.

Use the Outdoors

Sometimes, your garden room bar might not have enough room to sit guests. Other times, you may prefer to hand out in the outdoors proper. This garden room bar idea solves both problems.

Install a deck or patio for your garden room bar. This new space can serve as an additional seating area. Even better, you can open the doors between these two spaces to create one seamless space.

Wheeled Serving Carts

After creating that additional space outdoors, or if you have a large garden room bar, moving drinks around could be stressful. That’s why this garden room bar idea is perfect. Wheeled serving carts will reduce the stress of hosting large parties and spaces.

You can move drinks, utensils, food, etc., with ease. Many of these wheeled carts have lockable wheels.

A Personalized Bar Sign

A personalised sign is arguably the ultimate, coolest and boldest way to make a bar yours. You don’t even have to put your name on the sign. Just use an inside joke or a phrase that means something to you. Anything can work. That’s why this garden room bar idea is so brilliant.


We can keep going with 12 more garden room bar ideas, but that’d be a waste of your time. You don’t need a hundred ideas, just the ones that suit your needs, taste and budget. These three parameters are the only ones that matter.

The best thing about garden rooms is that you can use them year-round, regardless of the weather. This is only possible because of essential amenities like heating, electricity, insulation and, in some cases, water. So, don’t forget to make plans for them. 

Another set of amenities that should be in your plans are fridges, ice buckets, and cocktail shakers. All these amenities are essential to the functionality of your garden room and your garden room bar. So, they should be in your plans regardless of the garden room bar ideas that you choose. 

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