Garden Gym Room

A garden gym room is a dedicated space for fitness enthusiasts, offering a unique combination of convenience and privacy. It's a place where you can work out on your own terms, free from the constraints of a public gym or the distractions of a home workout.

What is unique about a garden gym room?

What sets a garden gym room apart is its ability to provide a space that caters to your specific fitness needs and preferences while getting to enjoy nature and the surroundings of your garden.

The most distinctive feature of a garden gym room is its adaptability to a wide range of exercise routines and equipment. Whether you're into cardio, strength training, yoga, or any other fitness regimen, you can customise your garden gym room to suit your goals. It's a space where you can focus on your well-being, uninterrupted and free from distractions. 

These garden rooms often feature proper flooring, wall mirrors, and a variety of exercise equipment to create a practical and motivating fitness environment to inspire you to keep going as you progress on your fitness journey.

What are some unique challenges with garden gym rooms?

One challenge is selecting the right equipment that fits within the space and complements your fitness routine. Effective ventilation and temperature control are also essential to ensure a comfortable workout environment. 

Additionally, depending on your location, you may need to address privacy concerns if your garden gym room is visible to neighbours. This is easily done when you consult with a team of professionals like those at Garden Living Co. to explore increased privacy options.

The key things to make sure your garden games room is great

To create an outstanding garden gym room, focus on insulation, ensuring a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Adequate ventilation is vital to maintain fresh air during workouts, while proper flooring provides safety and comfort.

Equip your garden gym room with fitness gear that aligns with your goals, and ensure that there is sufficient flooring and support for the exercises you want to do. Personalise the space with mirrors, motivational quotes, and any other elements that inspire you to stay active. With these considerations in mind, your garden gym room can become a sanctuary for your physical well-being and an essential part of your daily routine.

You may also want to pay extra attention to soundproofing the space, especially if you want to work out to loud music. Having soundproofing will prevent any disturbances in the surrounding area. However, if you are into quieter exercises like yoga or pilates, then you may want a space in your gym that opens up towards your garden. Have a chat with your garden room supplier to hear their expert thoughts about how this can be done.

Bespoke timber Garden Room Buildings for All Uses

Our garden rooms are completely adaptable to your wishes and needs. Crafted to cater to your specific taste and style, we work with you to ensure we realise your vision, creating a space that truly reflects your lifestyle and design goals.

Why choose Garden Living Co for your garden room installation in Bath?

Here are a few reasons that you should choose Garden Living Co to build your garden rooms in Bath.

Does A Garden Room Add Value To Your Home?

Excellent customer support

We listen to you and inspect your property to collect the information we need to advise you on the right garden room design. Then, we are available for further consultation during and after installing your garden room. Garden living is at your beck and call.

Well-trained and licenced professionals

We specialise in creating the perfect garden room for our client’s needs. This is made possible by the talent and equipment at our disposal. But we keep investing in talent and gear because we love to make dreams come true. 

Experience and track record

We have been doing this for a long time and have handled every imaginable type of garden room installation. So, you are in safe hands. Garden Living offers great value for your money.


You can always rely on us. That’s a guarantee. Our reputation and reliability have kept us in business all these years. That won’t change anytime soon.

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