Garden Offices

A garden office is a unique and practical addition to your outdoor space, providing a dedicated workspace that offers the perfect blend of professionalism and relaxation, making your home office a stress-free zone.

What sets a garden office apart is its ability to create a harmonious environment where work meets the serene beauty of your garden.

What is unique about garden offices?

The most distinctive feature of a garden office is its ability to seamlessly integrate a functional working home office with the natural world, giving you the quiet space you need for optimal productivity. They are often designed with large windows that flood the space with natural light to ensure you can work during the day without straining your eyes and encourage a connection to nature. This connection with nature can invigorate your workday, promote creativity, and alleviate the pressures of a typical office environment.

Garden offices come in various contemporary designs that blend effortlessly with the surroundings so that they do not disrupt the natural beauty of the garden.

What are some unique challenges with garden offices?

While a garden office offers numerous benefits, there are certain challenges those wanting one must overcome. Maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year is crucial. Without proper insulation, heating, and cooling solutions, you may find it challenging to work in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it's essential to invest in quality insulation and heating systems to ensure that your garden office remains a comfortable workspace year-round. The team at Garden Living Co. can help you source a temperature-regulating system that suits your needs. 

Another challenge is ensuring a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal. Garden offices are often situated at some distance from the main house, and achieving a strong internet connection can be a challenge. You may need to explore options such as Wi-Fi extenders or a dedicated internet connection to ensure seamless online connectivity so that your work day is not interrupted by poor connectivity.


First and foremost is insulation. Quality insulation will help maintain a comfortable temperature in your office, allowing you to work effectively throughout the year.

This includes both heating for the winter months and cooling for the summer.

Electricity and lighting

Ensure that your garden office is well-equipped with electricity to power lighting, computers, WiFi, and other equipment.

Ample natural light is also essential to create a bright and inviting workspace, so choose a location that maximises exposure to daylight.


Personalising the interior of your garden office is equally important. Consider ergonomic furniture and decor that inspires your work and reflects your personal style and creativity.

Finally, think about the placement of your garden office; a scenic view from your workspace can be highly motivating.

A garden office can truly revolutionise the way you work, providing a space that combines productivity with the serenity of the great outdoors.

Bespoke timber Garden Room Buildings for All Uses

Our garden rooms are completely adaptable to your wishes and needs. Crafted to cater to your specific taste and style, we work with you to ensure we realise your vision, creating a space that truly reflects your lifestyle and design goals.

Why choose Garden Living Co for your garden room installation?

Here are a few reasons that you should choose Garden Living Co to build your garden rooms in Bath.

Does A Garden Room Add Value To Your Home?

Excellent customer support

We listen to you and inspect your property to collect the information we need to advise you on the right garden room design. Then, we are available for further consultation during and after installing your garden room. Garden living is at your beck and call.

Well-trained and licenced professionals

We specialise in creating the perfect garden room for our client’s needs. This is made possible by the talent and equipment at our disposal. But we keep investing in talent and gear because we love to make dreams come true. 

Experience and track record

We have been doing this for a long time and have handled every imaginable type of garden room installation. So, you are in safe hands. Garden Living offers great value for your money.


You can always rely on us. That’s a guarantee. Our reputation and reliability have kept us in business all these years. That won’t change anytime soon.

Ready to transform your garden space?

Then, take that final step by contacting us. The crème de la crème of garden rooms is only a click of a button away.

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