How To Get Electricity Into Your Garden Room

You need electricity to get the most out of your garden room. You need it to power lights, phones, computers, Wi-Fi, television, and every other electrical device. You also need it to power your garden room’s heating and cooling systems.

Whether you are trying to get electricity into a new or existing garden room, keep reading. This article will tell you all you need to know.

How to Connect a Garden Room with Electricity

The process of installing electricity in a garden room (or any building) can be divided into two aspects. 

Internal wiring

The first aspect is internal wiring. It involves installing outlets, sockets and switches inside the garden room. The average garden room installer usually includes this in their installation package. They just need to know the number of sockets, outlets, and switches you want. Then, the installer will add them while designing and installing the garden room.

Internal wiring

Establishing a connection to the main power supply

The second aspect of connecting a garden room with electricity is establishing a connection to the main power supply. This is the actual process of “getting electricity into a garden room.”

To establish this connection, a (qualified) electrician will tap the electrical current from your mains power supply. Then, feed it to a consumer unit in your garden room. The consumer unit will supply electrical power throughout the garden room and provide protection.

The wire that carries electricity from the mains to the garden room must be an armoured cable. It is also better to run the cable underground using a 500mm to 600 mm deep trench. However, you can also run it above ground. As for the consumer unit, a 33A 30mA RCD circuit breaker will do just fine.

Establishing a connection to the main power supply

The regulations on supplying electricity to a garden room

The Part P Electrical Safety regulation is the regulation for connecting a garden room with electricity. The same regulation governs electricity supply to other types of buildings. Part P requires electrical connections to have protection against electric shock and fires.

An authorised inspector must inspect the electrical connection and issue a certificate. Without this certificate, the authorities can make you remove electrical connections or pay a fine of up to £5,000.

The regulations on supplying electricity to a garden room

How much does it cost to connect a garden room with electricity?

It can cost between £350 to £1,300 to get electricity into a garden room. However, the cost could be higher depending on the scale of the project. Most of the expenses will be on the materials. Electricians charge £35 to £50 per hour. You will also need someone to dig a trench so you can run the electrical cable underneath. 

How can I reduce the cost of getting electricity into a garden room?

You can reduce costs by digging the trench yourself or running the cable above ground. Trench digging doesn’t require specialised labour. Plus, it can blow up your budget depending on the terrain and the distance between the garden room and the main power.

Therefore, digging the trench yourself is a great way to save money when installing electricity in a garden room. Another option is to run the cable above ground, removing the need for a trench.

Don’t try to save cost by doing the job yourself. It’s always better to hire a qualified electrician. Amateur work can cause trouble and make you spend more money in the long run.

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Should I run electricity above-ground or underground?

We recommend running the cables underground. You will have to dig a trench, which will add to the total cost of the project. The process will also be more disruptive. After all, it involves digging.

However, running electricity underground is more secure and efficient. You also won’t have to worry about visible wires affecting the aesthetic appeal of your garden space.

Should I run electricity above-ground or underground?


There you have it. Now you know how to get electricity into your garden room. Remember that it’s not just about getting electricity from the mains to the garden room. You need to install internal wiring, too.

Fortunately, your garden room installer will likely handle internal wiring. As for connecting the garden room to a main power supply, some installers don’t offer this service. However, they might be able to recommend a reputable electrician who does. So, ask for help.

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